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ELCT training session


The teachers are highly qualified and are able to empathise with the working situation of the participants. They keep the confidentiality on all shared information.

The lessons are structured with room for flexibility to deal with issues in the current situation. The lessons focus on improving speaking and writing skills, based on the combination of every day subjects and grammar.

The teachers always anticipate on the actual situations and they provide proactive work related articles, work-related cases, reports and emails. Discussion about these work related issues are very helpful.

As result it has given me more self-confidence in business conversations and with writing emails and making notes in business English.

I am pleased to recommend ELCT as a perfect school to develop and improve the use of English language.

Private Clients, ABN Amro Bank, 2009

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Small group, informal setting, short exercises, concise grammar theory

Den Haag Ministeries 2009

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Does ELCT also give German courses? If so, that would be great, then I won't have to search for another training company.

HR Department, Diversey, 2010

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Because of the private lesson you could ask anything you want.

JohnsonDiversey, 2009

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The trainer knew exactly what we needed to know at the reception, so we did a lot of speaking training which was very useful!
Personal attention, own input about what to discuss, lessons in your own office.

JohnsonDiversey, 2008

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The strengths were the small groups; the length of programme - it was long enough to make progressive; the personal approach and banking texts; the flexibility of the teacher; the method and the personal programme.

ING Compliance Retail, 2009

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I enjoyed this very useful course. In the future I am going to perform a research paper about ..... I have to write it in English and would like to call you for some guidance to write my thesis in English. Thanks for a great course.

ING Group/CAS 2006

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Personal training, based on client's needs, flexible, tailor-made
Learning by doing. Training provided by (Dutch) English native speakers helps to prevent the typical Dutch mistakes. Having conversation helps to say things the right way.
Practice oriented, informal, gives me confidence
Informal setting, superb programme, very advisable to others!
Productive, tailored to the person, grammar and preposition revision, few pupils, business vocabulary, awareness of common mistakes, the initial length of the course was too short, combination of speaking and writing, to the point, very nice teacher, pleasant, useful, own input.

ING CAS 2007/8/9