Personal Language Coaching


Case Study 

A bank CEO needed to present reorganisation plans to his managers. We discussed ways of doing this to suit his personal style and company culture and this became storytelling. We worked on his storyline and in doing so revised vocabulary, fixed grammar, improved pronunciation to convey his message effectively. We also practised giving the presentation with PowerPoint slides.
At the end of the programme he felt more comfortable and confident to convey his message in his own way.
Meetings of 1.5 hours were held on the premises of the bank on a weekly basis.


Business Communication Skills

Communicating exactly what you mean

  • Speaking: work-related topics, fluency and confidence
  • Writing: work-related documents, emails, letters, reports
  • How to be concise, clear and correct
  • How to fix grammar mistakes
  • How to build vocabulary
  • Presentation skills

Flexible times: once a week or more intensive/less intensive
Fixed or varied days a week
Individual or groups

Case Study

20 - 30 hour programme, 2-hour meetings


Communicating exactly what you mean

Dutch-English and English-Dutch texts

Annual reports, terms and conditions, newsletters, quarterly reports, templates

Other languages on request.

Case Study