Business Communication Skills


Case Study


A large trust company asked advice about setting up Business Communication Skills programmes for its personnel. The 20-odd participants were divided into small groups (maximum six), depending on their needs, which were determined in the intake interview. The two-hour sessions included work-related speaking in meetings and writing students’ own emails, revising grammar, discussing current affairs and where necessary giving mini presentations. Student’s own emails were reviewed for hands-on training.

Participants improved both speaking and writing for business purposes and could write and speak more confidently for work purposes.

Meetings of  2 hours ran for ten weeks and were held on the company’s premises. Those who wished could continue with an in-depth programme. All participants received a diploma of participation.


A former student referred me to an interior decorator professional who regularly needed to give presentations about design, colour, décor and ideas with clients all over the world.
We had meetings at her studio and reviewed grammar, read articles for pronunciation, discussed her creative ideas and projects to build work-related vocabulary. In addition, we reviewed and practised presentation skills and wrote her actual emails in our meetings. In this way she learned hands on.
At the end of the programme she felt more confident in speaking and writing and now has the tools to continue working on her own.
Sessions were held on flexible days and times to suit her busy schedule.


Personal Language Coaching

Communicating exactly what you mean

  • Confidential papers, presentations
  • Practising specific skills: Pronunciation, communication skills,
  • Building fluency and confidence: Storytelling, grammar
  • Speaking and/or writing for special purposes: Speeches, TED talks, theses

Flexible times: once a week or more intensive/less intensive
Fixed or varied days a week
On-site or off-site

Case Study

10 - 20 - 30 hours, 2- hour meetings


Communicating exactly what you mean

Dutch-English and English-Dutch texts

Annual reports, terms and conditions, newsletters, quarterly reports, templates

Other languages on request.

Case Study