About me

Nicolette Uiterdijk

I am a native speaker of English and master a good command of the Dutch language, having grown up in New Zealand (NZ) from Dutch parents.

Following a Bachelor of Arts study at Auckland University, I completed a teacher’s qualification at North Shore Teacher’s College and taught in NZ before travelling to Europe.

Since then, after teaching and managing in-company courses at a language institute in Amsterdam, I established ELCT Language Training and have run it for more than 25 years. My main clients include business personnel, secretaries, managers and CEOs in a wide range of organisations from financial institutions and international corporations to government department staff and individual professionals to develop their English language and communications skills.

The ELCT team provides Dutch, German, French and other European language training programmes.

In addition, ELCT offers translation and editing services to banks and business organisations for their annual reports, terms and conditions, articles, emails and letters.

All ELCT trainers and translators are native speakers.

If you would like me to contact you for a consultation, please send me an email. I would be happy to discuss the options with you!

The reason I took the course is that I needed to be able to express myself better on paper. I really feel I have made good progress, my vocabulary has really increased and I feel more confident.
Executive Board Secretary – bank
The personal attention that I receive is invaluable support for me in order to carry out a demanding job in English.
Financial Director – bank